Ricoh printers and copiers receive praise for their quality, efficiency and performance. In 2019, PC Magazine named a Ricoh laser printer as one of the best picks for high-volume capacity and low running costs. Choose used photocopiers and refurbished Ricoh printers, made to work efficiently and economically by Copier Doctor technicians, and backed by our warranty, and SAVE.

Additional Information

At Copier Doctor, we refurbish used printers and offer them to you at greatly reduced prices. However, you can buy with confidence due to the 6-12 month warranty we provide, which you can also extend.

When revitalising these used Ricoh printers and photocopiers, we use high quality parts and years of experience in fixing and maintaining printing machines, so you can trust they will work for you.

Why buy used Ricoh printers?

There are several reasons why office managers might consider buying used Ricoh copiers:

  • Cost-effective: The biggest advantage is the significant cost savings. Used Ricoh copiers can be much cheaper than brand new models, sometimes even half the price. This frees up budget for other office needs.
  • Wider selection: The used market offers a wider variety of Ricoh models than what might be available new. This allows managers to find a copier that perfectly meets their specific needs in terms of features, functionality, and volume.
  • Reduced depreciation: Like cars, copiers depreciate in value over time. By buying used, office managers can avoid the initial steep depreciation hit that comes with new equipment.
  • Immediate availability: Unlike new copiers that may have a wait for delivery and setup, used Ricoh copiers are often readily available from reputable dealers. This can be crucial for offices that need a copier up and running quickly.
  • Environmentally friendly: Buying used reduces the demand for new machines, which can help lessen the environmental impact. This can be a factor for eco-conscious businesses.