Ricoh Aficio 4505/5502 Colour Multifunction

Copier Doctor is your local Ricoh printer and photocopier service provider here in Brisbane. Quite literally, we cure malfunctioning printers and photocopiers.

The licensed and qualified technicians of Copier Doctor are trained to troubleshoot, repair and provide Ricoh printer and photocopier service. We have credible experience in repairing Ricoh printers and photocopiers cost-effectively and professionally.

Don’t believe us? Head over to our service reviews and see how we have managed to make a community of satisfied customers with our affordable yet professional Ricoh printer and photocopier service.

Local Ricoh printer and photocopier service

Is your Ricoh printer acting up? Is it printing half pages? Is it piling up your office work? If yes, look no further as we provide high-end repair and maintenance services on the east side of Brisbane.

The fully trained and qualified technicians of Copier Doctor are at your disposal if you need printer repair and maintenance services in Brisbane. Maintaining and repairing Ricoh printers have been a key part of our business. In fact, the business owner caters to the service needs of customers himself with the help of 2 technicians and his talented wife.

We started with repairing and maintaining a small number of printer machines, one of which was Ricoh. We are a small business and capable of repairing all models of Ricoh printers. We provide in-person printer and photocopier repair services in the east neighborhoods of Brisbane.

The knowledge and experience of Copier technicians will save you the hassle of buying a new printer. We try our best to troubleshoot the problem and repair the printer fast.

Efficient and speedy Ricoh printer and photocopier service

We offer Ricoh printer maintenance and repair services that revolve around quality, affordability, and efficacy. The owner of the company has vast experience in repairing faulty Ricoh printers and photocopiers. Although we provide in-operation services, we deliver fast results so you could carry on with your work.

We don’t want our customers waiting for hours just to fix a small bug. Let Copier Doctor to diagnose the issue, troubleshoot, and resolve the printer issue on the same day so you could go back to printing without any hassle.

We live in a world where paperless office culture is promoted greatly. However, a printer is an essential machine that must be present in any office to get important documents in black and white. Therefore, having a fully functional printer is essential for streamline office work.

However, a damaged or malfunctioning Ricoh printer does not allow you to deliver important letters and documents.

Copier Doctor has a good reputation in offering affordable yet reliable in-person Ricoh printer and photocopier services.

Common Ricoh printer problems

If you are experiencing the following issues in your Ricoh printer, feel free to book an appointment with Copier Doctor. While our maintenance and repair services are of high quality, our prices are affordable.

  • Ricoh printer and photocopier serviceNo printing on the blank page
  • No toner warning
  • Low toner warning
  • Skewed images
  • Wrinkled paper
  • Image defects
  • Wrong text font
  • Poor printing quality on paper
  • Faded prints
  • Continuous error messages
  • Horizontal lines
  • Jams
  • Toner not adhering or smearing to the blank pages

We can fix your Ricoh printers in Brisbane

When our technicians are done fixing and repairing your printer, they will reassemble and clean it thoroughly from inside and out to ensure that there are no ink stains or faded prints. We give a long-term guarantee of our printer repair and maintenance services to ensure that no future issues occur.

Ricoh Photocopier maintenance and repair services in Brisbane

Copier Doctor has the expertise to repair primary and secondary issues with Ricoh photocopiers as well. A trusted technician will carry a test procedure to identify the main problem in the photocopier by disassembling all the parts.

When it comes to Ricoh photocopiers, one has to be careful in disassembling and troubleshooting. Therefore, we make a comprehensive report stating the problem in the photocopier after carrying out the test-point procedure.

We don’t only fix the current problem in your Ricoh photocopier but also conduct a thorough run-through to fix all the future problems that might occur while using the Ricoh photocopier.

If you want an expert local service provider to solve your photocopier problems, Copier Doctor is here for you. Once we identify the problem with your Ricoh photocopier, we follow the best course of action to deliver fast and guaranteed results.

High-end Ricoh printer and photocopier service by Copier Doctor

Not many service providers can maintain and repair all models of Ricoh photocopiers. However, we are able to deal with and fix all the problems in any model of the Ricoh photocopier.

In fact, the technicians and business owner are experienced and qualified enough to handle issues in all the Ricoh models.

Our Ricoh photocopier repair and maintenance service prices, both labour and parts, are quite affordable compared to market prices. Therefore, we are confident that you would be happy to choose us in Brisbane.

Other than that, we offer a comprehensive 3-month warranty for our services and the parts that we have replaced to fix your Ricoh photocopier.

Why choose Copier Doctor for Your Ricoh printer and photocopier service?

We specialize in delivering high-end repair and maintenance services for Ricoh printers and photocopiers with the following added benefits:

Original replacement parts

We only replace original parts with high-end photocopier and printer parts. Therefore, we give out a 3-month parts warranty with each one of our replacement services.

Speed repairs

It is definitely not convenient when you are stuck with work due to a malfunctioning printer or photocopier. However, you can rely on Copier Doctor for efficient and speedy repair and maintenance services. We fix your Ricoh printer or photocopier within 24 hours.

Quality workmanship

Our technicians are fully trained, qualified, and the epitome of quality workmanship. They own all the necessary licenses and are certificates to repair and maintain Ricoh printers and photocopiers. Moreover, the business owner takes over most of the repair jobs.

Service cost is $187.00 per hour, including GST.

If you need quick, professional Ricoh printer or photocopier repair service and you don’t want to pay high charges, call us for a more affordable and personalized service.

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